Is Dropover free to use?

You can download Dropover for free and use it for 14 days without limitation. After that period you can keep using Dropover in a limited way (forced waiting time of 3 seconds before interacting with a shelf) or purchase the "Dropover Pro" in-app purchase for $4,99.

The Dropover Pro in-app purchase is a one-time purchase, not a subscription.

What happens when my trial expires?

There is no action required when the trial expires; you don't need to explictly out-op and you will not be suddenly charged after the trial period.

You can still keep using Dropover when the 14 day trial expires. The only limitation is that you are forced to wait 3 seconds before you drop anything onto the shelf.

If I purchase it, can it be used on multiple computers?

Yes, just make sure you are logged in with the same iCloud on the other computers as the one where you initially purchased Dropover Pro and select "Restore Purchases" from Dropover's purchases screen.

How can I restore my purchases?

When you've purchased Dropover Pro before and you install Dropover on a new machine, you'll need to manually restore the purchase. To restore purchases, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Dropover menubar icon
  2. Select the "Upgrade to Dropover Pro" menu item to open the purchases screen
  3. From the purchases screen, select the "Restore Purchases" button at the bottom and follow the instructions

Note that restore purchase only works if you are logged in with the same Apple ID as the one you made your initial purchase with.

If you have issues to trying to restore purchases, please follow these instructions.

I have issues trying to restore purchases

The "Restore Purchases" button does not work on certain occasions. You can use the "Purchase" button instead.

Before you proceed, you want to make sure that the previous purchase is indeed registered with your current iCloud account. Refer to these instructions on how to do that.

Once you see "Dropover Pro" in that list, you can safely select the "Purchase" button. As the purchase is already registered with your iCloud account, the system will restore it for you. You won't be charged.

Is Dropover compatible for the M1, M1 Pro and M1 Max chipset?

Yes, Dropover is fully compatible and optimised for the M1 chipset.

What upload service do you support?

Dropover currently supports 7 services. Refer to the service page for more information:

Am I moving the files to the shelf or copying them to the shelf?

When you drag a file from Finder to Dropover's shelf, Dropover will only keep a reference to that file. It will not copy or move the files when you drag it to the shelf.

When you drag an item from the shelf to your destination the file will be moved. This is the default behaviour on macOS. To copy a file to your destination instead, hold the option key while. You'll notice a "+" icon above the dragged content indicating that the content will be copied.

If you prefer to copy items to destination by default, you can enable this setting in Dropover's preference screen (Dropover Menu Bar Icon → Preferences). Select the "Copy Items to Destination" checkbox.

Dropover app icon Dropover Requires macOS 10.15 or later, 64-bit processor