Effortless Drag & Drop on your Mac

Dropover is a macOS utility that makes Drag and Drop easier. Stash, gather or move draggable content without having to open side-by-side windows.

Shake. Drag. Drop.

Using Dropover couldn't be simpler: Just shake your cursor and drop whatever you are dragging onto the shelf. Then simply navigate stress-free to your destination and move all items at once when read

Whether you are a photographer who works with images or just a casual macOS user, Dropover is designed to be used by anyone and will become second nature in your workflow.

Minimalistic & intuitive UI

With its simple but intuitive UI, the shelf immediately feels familiar for macOS users, like it's part of the OS.

It appears when and where you need it and doesn't get in your way.

Works with any content
Manage your files

Create as many shelves as your workflow requires, or append content to existing shelves to gather files from various locations. Within each shelf, you can list, inspect or select individual files and perform actions with them.

Customize shelves

Assign a color to the shelf, or a custom name, to make it easier to distinguish from other shelves.

Instant Actions

Instant Actions appear when you drag files over an empty shelf. Just drop the files onto an action to directly invoke it.

There's more

Drop onto the notch

Drag and drop any content onto the notch, and a new shelf will appear containing the dragged content.

Custom Actions

Create customized actions by defining their parameters in advance and invoke them without any prompts.

Interactive Desktop Widgets

Access Recent Shelves directly on your desktop with the Recent Shelves widget.

Watched Folders

Observe select folders and automatically show a new shelf with the added file in the selected folder.

Share extensions

Add files from other applications directly to Dropover with the Dropover System Share Action.

Pinned Shelves

Pin shelves act as bookmarks and are positioned directly in the status bar menu for instant access.


Don't feel like dragging? Simply drop your files on Dropover's menubar item and a new shelf will appear with dropped files.

Dock shelves

Dock a shelf to the edge of the screen to temporaly hide it. When you need it again, simply pull it back onto the screen.

Keyboard shortcuts

Show a new shelf with a keyboard shortcut (which can be customized).

Recent shelves

Open up to 10 previously closed shelves.

Siri Shortcuts

Use Siri Shortcuts to add files to a shelf, upload files directly to Dropover Cloud or to obtain files from an open shelf.

Clipboard support

Copy contents of the shelf to the clipboard, or paste your clipboard content onto the shelf.

Quick Look

Quick Look the content in the shelf, or individual files, without opening the file or leaving the shelf.

Adjust shake sensibility

Adjust the shake gesture exactly how it fits you.

Services menu

Add files to Dropover from any menu item that ontains the Service menu.

Ignore applications

Specify which applications should ignore the shake gesture.

Custom Scripts

Add an Custom Script which takes the files on the shelf and invokes your custom Applescript, Automator Workflow or a UNIX.

Dropover speaks 4 languages

Available in English, German, Chinese and Dutch.

Favorite actions

Select your favorite actions, which will be shown directly in shelf action menu.

Alfred & Raycast extension

Add files from Alfred or Raycast directly to Dropover with the Alfred workflow or Raycast extension.

Frequently updated

Dropover is frequently updated with new features and bug fixes.

What do the users say?

Great simple app. Does what it says. Massive time saver.

I never knew how handy it would be until I purchased it. It does what it says well and improves productivity immensely.

This is a must have for any mac user....

make it so easy to move file to different locations with our switching screens. I beleive its a must have app that will improve any work flow

Saves you so much time to consolidate docs before moving them or sending an email attachment!

The shake gesture to open up a new shelf feels very fluid and natural. At this point I'm so used to this app I find myself shaking the cursor and expec...

This is one of few utility apps that I use on a daily basis. Very nice to have. Strongly recommended.

This app is a huge help in my workflow. Sending, organizing, and managing files becomes less of a daunting task with Dropover to help

This app has saved me so much time, its absolutely insane. love it

what an app! so simple, but will really change your workflow for the better. I can't imagine how much more complicated my life would be without this to...

Love the app, it's the little things like this app that make life beautiful. <3

Within five minutes of trying the free version, I knew it was worth the $4 to buy the full version. Its so useful when youre trying to organize folders...

Saves you seconds, but those seconds add up over time. Using it becomes second nature now in my workflow.

This should be built in MacOS

Moving files made ridiculously easy. This app is so conveninet that I can't begin to explain. Buy it. You don't know how badly you need it until you've...

Must have feature for any mac user.

Others have written positive reviews and I fully agree with those! Being able to hold screenshots themselves earns this app 5 stars. Being able to hold...

This is one of those apps that seems small in it's functionality however has a great impact on productivity.

Context, i work in a job that requires reporting many media clips and filling in of information into powerpoints slides. I work on a mac and always uti...

One of the best app I've used. Saving so much time each day as I need to do file manangement quite often.

it really helps me work fast and my files are more organized than ever Great for photographers

Dropover app icon Dropover Requires macOS 12 or later

Dropover Cloud

Instantly save your dragged content to the cloud and share the link with anyone. Uploads are anonymous and do not require any registration. And it's free.

Customise uploads

Set a title, add a password, set a custom expiration date or change the link type for your uploads.

Customize uploads


Uploaded content is shown on the public page without any branding, tracking or ads.

See example β†’

Uploaded content on Dropover Cloud is clutterfree

Manage uploads in Dropover

Easily access or delete your uploads in Dropover through menu bar or preferences.

Manage Dropover Cloud uploads in Dropover