Dropover: Effortless Drag and Drop on your Mac


Effortless Drag and Drop on your Mac

Dropover is a utility that makes it easier to move content between folders, applications, windows and workspaces using Drag and Drop.

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A satisfying Drag and Drop experience

Drag and Drop on Mac usually involves two windows; one for the source and the other showing the place where you want to move the item to. This can be a hassle sometimes.

With Dropover, you just shake with your cursor while dragging content and a small window will appear nearby where you can store your drags. This window floats on top of all other windows allowing you to freely navigate to your destination.

Once you've navigated to the destination, you just grab your content from the window and to move it to the destination.

Works with any content

Dropover works with any content that is draggable in macOS. Whether you are moving files in Finder, clipping text from a document, dragging attachments from Mail or gathering images from web in Safari, it works with any draggable content.

Never in Your Way

Dropover's window appears when and where you need it, saving you time and travel while dragging content.

Append Content

With the latest release, it's also possible to append drags. Just drag your content to an existing window.

Collecting images from web has never been easier!

Dark Mode Support

Dropover will automatically adjusts it's appearance based on your system preference in Mojave OS.