Using Dropover Cloud

Dropover Cloud

Getting started

Dropover Cloud is the built-in upload service and does not require any configuration or registration. To get started, simply select the action button in the shelve (•••) and then select "Upload to Dropover".

Dropover Cloud: Upload to Dropover

How does Dropover Cloud work?

Dropover takes you dragged content and uploads it to the cloud. Once the upload is completed, Dropover will copy a public link to your clipboard. You can then use this public link to share it with others.

Anybody you share the link with, will be able to access the uploaded files.


You can select the expiration of your uploads. When your upload expires, it will be automatically removed and the public link will not be accessible.


Set the password for the shared link. When someone opens the link, they'll need the password to see its contents.

Link Type

Link type allows you to customise how your uploaded content will be used. When you select webpage (default option), the public link will point to a page where your uploaded content will be shown. This is recommended if you upload images as these will be displayed as a gallery.

If you prefer the content to be directly downloaded, select the direct download option instead. With this option, the public link will automatically start to download instead of showing the content.

Dropover Cloud Web Content

How does Dropover use my data?

Dropover Cloud uploads are anonymous and do not require any registration. When you upload with Dropover Cloud, the content will be stored on S3, Amazon's object storage. By default, the content will be automatically removed after three months (you can customize this option in Dropover's preference screen). Uploaded content can only be accessed if you have the public link.

How can I remove my uploaded content?

There are two ways to manually remove your uploaded content:


The quickest way is through the menubar:

  1. Select the Dropover menu bar icon
  2. Select "Recent Uploads"
  3. Select the upload you want to remove (only applicable for Dropover Cloud uploads)
  4. Select "Delete & Revoke"

Dropover Cloud: Delete Uploads


Alternatively, you can remove your content through Dropover's preference screen.

  1. Select the Dropover menu bar icon
  2. Select "Preferences" and click on "Cloud Sharing"
  3. Select "Dropover Cloud" (if it's not already selected)
  4. Click on the "Upload History" button.
  5. This screen will show all your uploads to Dropover Cloud. Simply select an item and click on the "Remove" button.

The public link and the uploaded content will be removed. You will not be able to access it after deleting it.