Using Imgur in Dropover

Imgur allows you to quickly upload your dragged images from Dropover. The uploads are anonymous and not linked to any account.

Getting Started

To start using Imgur in Dropover, follow these steps:

  1. Open Dropover's preferences screen
  2. Select "Cloud Sharing" tab
  3. Select "Imgur" from the list
  4. Select "Enable"

Once Imgur is enabled, you will be able to upload dragged images and receive a public link. To do so, click the "•••" button in the shelf and select "Copy Imgur Link".

Note: This option will only appear if the dragged content exclusively contains images.

Public Link

The link that you will receive once the images are uploaded is accessibly for anyone. You will receive a direct link to the image if you've only uploaded one image.

In case you've uploaded more than one image, a Imgur page link containing all uploaded images will be returned instead.