Dropover 4.7: Command Bar, Text Redaction and many improvements!

Command Bar

As more actions are added to the shelf action menu over time, you sometimes just want to quickly perform a specific action. With Command Bar, you are now able to invoke any action from the shelf action menu by typing.

Dropover Command Bar

To bring up Command Bar, make sure your mouse hovers a shelf and press ⇧ return. Now start typing what action you want to perform and the relevant actions will appear as you type. Select the desired action with the up/down arrow key and invoke the action by simply hitting the return key.

By default, Command Bar will remember your recent actions (even if you haven't performed them through Command Bar), so if you often perform certain actions, you don't even need to type!

Redact Text in Images

Dropover 4.7.0 introduces the Redact Text action, which will appear when you have an image in the shelf. This action allows you to quickly redact text on an image and export it. It's a great way to quickly hide that email from the screenshot!

Redact Text in images

Smart Redact

Redact Text will automatically open in "Smart Redact" mode. In this mode, you will be able to simply click on a text in the image and the redaction will be applied automatically on the selected word. To remove the redaction, just click again on the redacted box.

While it's a great way to redact single words, it also allows you to redact complete lines. To do so, just click and hold while moving your cursor up or down. Everything in between will be automatically redacted.

Manual Redact

In addition to the "Smart Redact" mode, you can always manually redact text. This is useful if some text is not recognised, or if you want to redact specific areas of the image. To add a manual redaction, click anywhere in the image and a black box will appear. This box can be dragged and resized as well. To remove it, hit the delete key on your keyboard, or right-click and select "Delete".

By default, all redactions are black. However, in both modes, you are able to change the color by clicking on the color well in the toolbar. For "Automatic Redaction" mode, the color applies to all redactions, while in "Manual" mode, you can change colors for specific annotations.

Drastically improved German localization

This updates also brings a much needed improvement to the German localization of Dropover. All credits to Thomas, who has voluntarily improved the German translations!

If you would like to contribute as well, please provide localization improvements to the Dropover project on Crowdin!

Other improvements

  • Added "Set Desktop Picture" image action
  • Added "Get Info" file action
  • Added option to close all shelves at once through the menu bar
  • The context menu now shows icons for all items
  • The shelf will now display a confirmation message when you copy content to clipboard
  • The file action "Move/Copy to..." has now been split into two separate actions: "Move to..." and "Copy to..."
  • Improved how images are compressed when running the "Compress" action
  • When disabling menu bar icon, a warning alert be shown to indicate that full screen usability might be limited
  • Dropover Cloud modal now automatically activates keyboard for the title text field
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some images from being correctly compressed when using the "Compress..." file action
  • Fixed an issue which resulted in the wrong image quality when converting an image format using the "Convert..." file action
  • Fixed an issue where on some occasions the instruction videos in Preferences would not load
  • Shelves of which the content is copied to destination, will now appear in the "Recent Shelves" menu
  • Fixed an issue that caused images, when dragged from certain browsers, to repeatedly be written to disk
  • Fixed an issue where opening shelves from clipboard would always show a TIFF image

What's Next?

The next release will be focused on support for macOS Ventura. If you are already using macOS Ventura, and you would like to test new Dropover builds, then please join the Dropover TestFlight program.

Dropover app icon Dropover Requires macOS 10.15 or later, 64-bit processor