Using iCloud in Dropover

Getting Started

iCloud does not require any configuration, it will automatically be available if:

  • You are logged in with an iCloud account on your macOS
  • You have enabled iCloud Drive in your preferences (and that includes Dropover)

When iCloud Drive is enabled, you will be able to copy a public iCloud Drive link for your dragged content. To do so, click the "•••" button in the shelf and select "Copy iCloud Link".

What happens when I use iCloud in Dropover?

When you select "Copy iCloud Link", Dropover will create a destination directory inside Dropover Uploads on your iCloud Drive.

It will then upload the content from the shelve to that destination directory. If the shelve contains multiple files Dropover will first zip them and upload the zip instead.

Once uploaded, Dropover will create a public sharable link for the file. Anyone who access that link, will be able to access the uploaded content.

Who can access my uploaded content?

Anybody you share the link with, will be able to download the uploaded file.

To delete the file on your Mac:

  1. In Finder, select "iCloud Drive" from the sidebar.
  2. Look for the Dropover directory and open it.
  3. Find the sub directory matching the file(s) you've uploaded and delete it.

When you delete file (or directory), nobody will be able to access it anymore.