Drop Your Items

Easier Drag and Drop with Dropover

Dropover is a utility that makes it easier to manage and move content between folders, applications, windows and workspaces using Drag and Drop.

Speed up your workflow

Shake your cursor and drop whatever you are dragging onto the shelf. Then navigate stress-free to your destination and move all items at once when ready.

Create a stack or use multiple shelves

Create multiple shelves or append files to an existing shelf and create a stack. Great for gathering items from various locations!

Create public link for anything

Upload dragged content to iCloud, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive or Imgur and share the public link.

Share extension

Use the share extension to invoke Dropover from other other applications.

Quick access

Dropover lives in your menu bar. Use it to create new shelves, restore previous shelf, see recent uploads and more.

Other features

  • Minimal user interface with previews of dragged content, only there when you need it
  • Quickly open or reveal dragged content in Finder.
  • Directly share using Messages, Mail or Airdrop or third party share extensions
  • Open multiple shelves
  • Create stack by appending items to an existing shelf
  • List individual files along with information such as name and file size
  • Restore previous shelf
  • Add content from clipboard to shelf or copy dragged content to clipboard
  • Creating a new shelf by dragging content into the menu bar or using the global shortcut (⌃⇧Z)
  • Access your 5 recent uploads from the menu bar
  • Drag, Quick Look, reveal or clear individual items in shelf
  • Clear content without closing the shelf
  • Adjust the sensitivity of the shake gesture
  • Manage applications that should ignore the shake gesture
  • Use Dropover as a Dock app
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Easier Drag and Drop on your Mac